Aircraft Ferry Pilot Services 

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Do you own your own aircraft and always fancied the ultimate adventure trip but never quite got around to making it happen? We are here to help. You can now fulfill your dream and also insurerís requirements with one of our highly trained pilots or instructors in the right hand seat. 

Take you SEP MEP Turbine or even your Bizjet or Rotary along the footsteps of the early pioneers like Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. You will see unparalleled beauty and untouched nature as you cross Canada. The awesome Fjords and Icecap as you approach into Greenland.

The mountains and hot springs of Iceland and the chance to see the Northern Lights or visit the North Cape and route south through the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. If this appeals to you, complete the form below and we will work out a pilot hire and route planning quote that could make your dreams a reality on one of a number of adventure packages spanning the North and South Atlantic or maybe even an around the world in thirty days ultimate adventure package. 

We can also offer tailor made packages to suit individual requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and also flying with you.

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